Professional woman working from her living room

10 Benefits of Remote Internships

Remote internships have grown to be another option for those who want to improve their skills and resumes in the industry they wish to pursue their professional path. Any type of experience,...

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Scholarship awardee Makayla during her internship experience in Barcelona

Black Lives Matter: What We Believe

We stand for inclusion; we embrace diversity and we promise to never turn our backs on racism. Unlike Covid-19, the pandemic of racism is not new in America or in the rest of the world. As an...

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Time management at work

5 Time Management Tips When Interning Remotely In Summer

Nowadays, in the technology oriented world we live in, we know how popular working remotely has become. Without the need of going to an office, employees can get their work done working from...

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Visionario's campaign portfolio

A Host Company Success Story Through a Remote Internship

We had the pleasure of interviewing Miquel Costa. He is the CEO of Visionario, a company in Barcelona, Spain that has hosted Absolute Interns in the past and that welcomed Martina Furano during...

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Asian employee with his laptop

Master the ABC of Chinese Business Negotiations

The role of back-and-forth negotiations in global business has become more vital than ever, courtesy of the booming economy in China and the ever-growing influence she has on international...

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Woman working from home

Is a Remote Internship for You? The Pros and Cons of a Remote Internship

Are remote internships good? You might be wondering yourself. Or is remote internships legit? People have been working remotely for years, so it’s not a brand new concept for employers around the...

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Young professional working remotely

5 Tips and Insights for Working Remotely

What to do when recruitment is on hold As nations tackle the COVID-19 epidemic, a rapidly increasing number of employees across the world are working remotely as part of the efforts to mitigate...

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Asian employee on a business meeting

How an Internship in Asia Will Foster Your Career Chances

As a student, you should start building your business career while you're still in university. Volunteering or internships will give you experiences and knowledge that any future employer will...

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A day at my business internship in Barcelona

My Business Internship in a Nutshell - Absolute Alumni

Hey there! My name is Alejandro and I come from Colombia. I'm currently on my exchange program in the Netherlands and last summer I interned in Spain!

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Kalil Garcia exploring the city of Madrid during his internship abroad

Interning Abroad in Times of COVID-19 [Interview with Kalil]

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kalil Garcia, one of our current international interns that experienced the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak while living abroad in Spain. We believe this is a...

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