Absolute Internship Legal internship in Asia

A Legal Internship in Asia - Absolute Alumni

Hello! I'm Anna Mcleod, I'm currently studying at Royal Holloway University of London, and I'm an Absolute Internship Alumni and Brand Ambassador. I was a legal intern in Shanghai in summer 2019.

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Top rated internship organization 2019

Absolute Internship Named a Top Rated Internship Organization of 2019 by

We've been named one of's Top Rated Internship Organizations of 2019, and The London Internship Program is one of's Top Rated Internship Programs! We're proud to be...

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Charity initiative - Global Fund for Children

Join Us on Our Charity Initiative by Investing in Your Career

This is the time to give. For children. For a change. At Absolute Internship, our 2020 New Year's resolution is to give back to the education community. After 10 years providing career and travel...

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Why Finance Students Should Do an Internship Abroad

Investment banking, accounting and financial internships These days, most students and people pursuing careers in finance obtain some internship experience along the way. Whether they embark on a...

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills In Your Internship Abroad

A University Degree Is No Longer Enough A university degree is your passport to success. It’s what all millennials were told since we were little kids. But as we grow older, we realize that a...

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Booking Student Flights Before Your Internship Abroad

Student Flight Deals with StudentUniverse We recently launched a collaboration with one of the world's leading travel booking sites that directly works with airlines to find the cheapest student...

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Intern Abroad  Alumni during International Education Week

4 Powerful Tips from Intern Abroad Alumni That Will Inspire You

Absolute Internship Ambassadors The Absolute Ambassador community is created by Alumni who have evolved and grown personally and professionally during their experiences abroad. Ambassadors are...

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Embarking into a Fashion Internship - Tips & Takeaways [Video Testimonial]

Globalization has influenced the work environment around the world. Nowadays, employers are specifically asking for international experience from their prospective employees.  While most students...

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Top 10 Internship Abroad Scholarships

With the never-sleeping global competition in the business environment, many employers nowadays are expecting fresh graduates to already have work experience. While many students opt for a study...

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From Jordan to the London Internship Program

Each year we welcome students from all around the world to join our #AbsoluteTribe. Last year, over 55 different nationalities were represented in our programs!

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