Carolina Jaramillo during her marketing internship in London

What Happened After My Marketing Internship in London - Absolute Alumni

Having completed my masters in Digital Marketing at ESCP Business School in Madrid, I was very eager to start my career in a vibrant and diverse city like London. Not having a European passport made...

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A Life-Changing Summer on the London Program - Paola Barbosa

I always tell students how incredible and brave they all are by getting out of their comfort zones and making the important decision of going abroad for their summer internship. Fun? They will have...

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Walk, Work, Wonder: Interning in London

I’m not a morning person. Nothing in the world—not even the mini-fridge full of sugary breakfast foods that I bought in flagrant abuse of my living-abroad-adult-privileges—can make me a morning...

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Breaking Expectations: My First Days in London

As I prepared for my trip to London, I was most frequently asked, “Are you excited?” To which I usually responded, “I will be.” I will be, once I get to through the Winnipeg airport, then through...

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Why London is Amazing

When applying for this program, I immediately knew that London is the city where I wanted to spend the summer interning. I had never been to Europe prior to this trip, so I was overzealous with the...

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First Work Experience in Non Profit

Anybody's first experience in the workplace can be very scary. For one, you are entering a foreign environment, one that is asking you to put all your prior education to use. You worry about having...

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London Calling!

Every day for a month a suitcase had sat in the middle of my room accumulating all the things I would need for my two month internship in London. By the time I had to sit on it to close the zipper, I...

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My application to Absolute Internship

So here I am, it’s 11:00PM and I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out where I am going to be a few months from now. As what usually happens at this hour, I sift through my mind thinking of what...

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So the adventure has begun!

So the adventure has begun! After three flights, 30 hours in transit and only three hours sleep, I arrived in wet and windy London. First things first – coffee. After two cappuccinos I was feeling...

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