Students working remotely with their face masks on

How Companies Adapt To Remote Work During Covid-19

As of August 2020, the virus has spread to six continents causing considerable harm to the global economy. National responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have included different lockdown measures to...

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Office meeting

A Corporate Company vs a Startup: Why We Need Both

At the early stages of your career it can be hard to decide whether to apply for a job in an early stage, fast-paced startup or a large, long standing corporation. The truth is that these are two...

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Absolute Internship Shanghai Program

An Internship in Asia - Host Company Testimonial

Absolute Internship connects university students worldwide with employers based in multiple cities around the globe, providing the opportunity to take part in an international internship in Asia or...

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Business meeting with international employees

East vs West: 5 Cultural Differences International Student Should Know

As a result of globalization, the world is becoming a more multicultural place with people from different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds living, working and cooperating in the same place,...

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