Charity initiative - Global Fund for Children

Join Us on Our Charity Initiative by Investing in Your Career

This is the time to give. For children. For a change.

At Absolute Internship, our 2020 New Year's resolution is to give back to the education community. After 10 years providing career and travel opportunities abroad, we're fully committed to serving this community. For this reason, we are thrilled to launch a charity initiative during the month of January to raise funds for the Global Fund for Children organization.

Global Fund for Children invests in community-based organizations around the world to help children and young people reach their full potential and gain their fundamental rights. Their partners' focus areas are education, gender equity, youth empowerment, freedom from violence and exploitation.

We are partnering to build a world where all children and youth are safe, strong and valued.

- Global Fund for Children


Absolute tribe with children

The Absolute Tribe on the Shanghai Program in China, 2019

By investing in an international internship in January, you will not only be boosting your career development and travelling abroad, but you will also be donating part of the internship program fee to this amazing organization. This charity initiative originates from the commitment of giving back to the international community in 2020. At Absolute Internship, we're not only preparing young people for the future -turning students into future leaders- but also inspiring success and spreading talent internationally.

We believe every child should be able to realise their full potential and grow up to build a better world. Around the world, millions of children never see the inside of a classroom – meaning they miss out on life-changing opportunities. In the last 20 years, Global Fund for Children has improved millions of children's lives by supporting meaningful change where it stands to do the most good: in the heart of the community. To learn more about how they improve young people's wellbeing through the work of local organizations, see their Theory of Change.


How can you be part of this charity initiative?

  1. Apply now for your international internship through this application form
  2. Enroll in your program before January 31st. Paying the program deposit fee will secure your spot in the program!
  3. At the same time, €100 of that fee will automatically be donated to charity.

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The Absolute Internship program on a career speaker session

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