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Why Consider Stockholm for Your Internship Abroad

The Unicorn Factory of the World Known for being the most prolific tech hub in the world after Silicon Valley, Stockholm is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Some of the most...

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5 Reasons You Should Intern in Bogota This Summer

Working in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, such as that of Bogota, can make huge a difference to your career. It’s a great way to get your first taste of professional work...

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Absolute Scholarship - Malika Braz - Hasta La Vista Madrid!

Coming here was a dream come true. I remember counting down the days until this opportunity was my waking reality. In the end, my expectations for myself and finally being here were different than...

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Interning as a Student Teacher in Barcelona

In April we welcomed Western University student Zoe to Barcelona where she undertook an internship placement in a local school as part of WU's Alternative Field Experiences program. We caught up...

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5 Reasons to Intern in Stockholm

Is Stockholm the next Silicon Valley? All signs point to yes!

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Favourite place in Hong Kong

The last week, with a few days to go and work finished the final place I had left to visit was Lantau Island. Here on the island we would see The Big Buddha statue and search for an elusive infinity...

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Because Hong Kong is a massive city with next to unlimited things to do

Because Hong Kong is a massive city with next to unlimited things to do in it and new events coming along all the time, combined with me only being here for four weeks it means we have a lot to fit...

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Eating Enough Crêpes To Feed A Small Army (And Other Musings)

Cheerio London! Bonjour Paris! At the grey hour of 5.30 am we hustled to Kings Cross station droopy-eyed and sleep-deprived, buzzing with excitement, set for the very beautiful ville d’amour....

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Asking myself to share my impressions about Hong Kong is tricky

Asking myself to share my impressions about Hong Kong is tricky. Hong Kong is a major first world city, and there's very little I could tell you about here that wouldn't be applicable to London, New...

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My weekend in Macau

That was that, my first complete working week in Hong Kong over. However, my personal highlight was the weekend trip so forgive me for skimming over the working week. My energy levels were pretty...

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