Alumni Stories : How an Internship in Hong Kong Changed my Life

Doing an international Internship will provide you with so many benefits, and it is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your career, giving you the chance to make friends with students from all...

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A few things left undone

This Sunday I had an apple. I know there’s hardly anything interesting about it… and that’s the whole point – it was an ordinary apple. The strange-looking, tasting and smelling fruits that my...

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From New Hampshire to Hong Kong

Hi everyone! My name is Santi. I am preparing for my trip to Hong Kong, working as a legal intern. I recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual major in Political Science and...

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Meeting Inspiring CEOs & Industry Experts

I’m starting to get the weeks confused. I don’t know if I forgot to mention this part, or whether it happened this last week, but we have this really inspiring Career Speaker Series that’s part of...

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Macau, Las Vegas of Asia!

As promised, here’s an update on our fantastic weekend in Macau!

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