On the way from work

Wow. Second busy day is over. Lunch at amazing dumpling place in World Financial Centre and then sightseeing after work. Summer couldnt be more cool than that.  Visited Pudong with all its towers,...

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First shocks and experiences

These last couple of days went by so fast. It has been the most amazing time of my life so far. We had two extraordinary Chinese traditional dinners, tour around the city and a night out.  I...

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Zhongguo - my destination!

The time has come. Now I am sitting at the airport wondering if it was the right decision. Family and friends are left in Glasgow(UK) and Slupsk(Poland) for the whole year. What a weird feeling to...

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Why an Interview is Like a Rendez-Vous

We speak to hundreds of college students every week, exploring their career goals and their objectives. Setting them up with interviews with companies all around the world. As you may know as a...

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